What Is Success

As human beings we go through life asking what success is? Because it is not an easy word to define, this question can be asked all through someones life.

Success to some people might be gaining a degree from a university with prestige. To others, success may mean committing to another person with feelings so intense that they marry.

Having a high paying job with many perks is to many people the meaning of success. So, what is success anyway? It is all of these things, and absolutely none of these things.

Your success all depends on what you decide for yourself about how you want your life to be. In this article I will go into the definition of success, how you can be a success and the different types of success out there.

The Definition of Success

The definition of success is often difficult to explain. For the purpose and intent of this guide, it is important to understand that success is not the same for one as it is for another.

Success occurs, however, in much the same way for everyone. If one sets a particular goal – no matter how small or how large – and they work to accomplish that goal and find themselves experiencing a period of completion, then they are considered to be successful. In other words, if you start out with a specific intention and you follow that intention through to the end to the point where you have accomplished the intention, it is then that you are truly successful.

How to Achieve Success

Many individuals spend quite a bit of time and quite a bit of money looking for ways on how to achieve success. I am happy to let you know that it is not really about using your money to buy hundreds of products on success or paying experts on success or anything of the sort. Success has nothing to do with the hook up of someone important; you must simply be the right type of person – that’s all! The following are some things that as a person you can undertake to make sure you have success in your life:

1. Take total responsibility of your life. This means 100% – no less is acceptable. It is sad how so many people go through their life not taking responsibility for their own lives all they do is finger point at others. This is inappropriate. For success to follow you there is no other way than to take full responsibility for your own life and what happens to you.

2. The second thing that you must do in order to be successful is to avoid excuses. Make a contract with yourself to never allow excuses to run your life. You should view excuses as nothing more than a rationalization of inactivity that serves no purpose other than convincing you that you are not directly responsible for the events and situations that transpire in your life. Excuses are morale killers. They only put you down and limit you.

3. The next element for you is to change your attitude on negativity in your life. I believe that no matter how bad an experience is there is always something good that can come out of it. Without mistakes we would never learn and grow. We could never appreciate the positive if we do not experience the negative. There is a learning experience in absolutely everything so it is important to focus your thoughts in this manner.

Types of Success

I could name many different types of success that individuals all throughout history have experienced. Many have proven successful in:

– Inventions

– Relationships

– Goal Setting

– Mechanics

– Writing

– Dealing with People

– Having Children

– Graduating from College

– And, more!

It is all about mastering or becoming the best at something. It is about setting a goal and seeing it through to the point of achievement. Success is about being who you are, and going for the things that you want in life. Success can come in so many ways. No one is able to tell you how to live your life except for yourself.

In Conclusion

When asking “what is success anyway?” you must take a look at who you are, you must take responsibility for who you are, and you must eliminate all excuses for why you cannot do one thing or another. You must know and understand that excuses are nothing more than a rationalization for inactivity and you must take the necessary steps to go past that lack of activity. You must set goals and see them through to the end. When you finish a goal that is when success comes.

How Do You Define Success?

It’s a word we use constantly. Authors of self-help books use it in their titles all the time. If you are a human being with any kind of goal or project, you want it. But what does it actually mean? How do we define success?
We may all want success, but we don’t all see it in the same way. One person’s success may be another’s failure. Some people would be very happy to get a B in exam. For some people, anything less than an A is a failure.

What does a successful person look like? Do you imagine someone with an expensive, fast car with a Rolex watch? Do you think about a sportsperson winning a gold medal? A great contributor to humanity, such as Ghandi? Or do you imagine a person who is merely happy?

If we have achieved our goals, but are not happy, are we truly successful? Perhaps this just means that we have not clearly defined our own terms of success. If achieving our goals does not bring fulfilment, perhaps it was someone else’s goal we were aiming for. Our parents, peers and teachers may be very good at imposing their own views of what success means, but the danger is that it may not ultimately be ours, and it can take a long time to find this out.

There are many different definitions of success. Before we travel the road on the journey to our goals, we need to be sure that we understand our own vision of success.

For example, let us say that you own your own online home business. Of course, you want it to be successful. But what does this success look like for you? Is it extra income so that you can go on an extra holiday every year? Do you want it to bring you a full time income so you can leave your current job? Or do you want to be a multi-millionaire like Matt Morris of Success University? Which of these definitions means the most to you?

The other danger, other than not defining our own terms, is that we set our terms too high. I am not saying we should not have big goals; we can all benefit from thinking big. But if our only goal in life is to be a millionaire, it might just take a little time to feel successful! Why not be successful every day? There are many ways in which we can set ourselves little goals or tasks for every day, or every week so we can feel we are making progress and be a successful person.

Here’s an example. One of my biggest goals is to become a bestselling author. However, I don’t think that I am not successful because I have not yet achieved that. For me, I am successful if I write every day and am continually working towards my main goal. I have other writing successes, such as completing four novels and having articles published in glossy magazines. Yet, while these are all successful achievements, they are also stepping stones towards more confidence, more goals and greater achievement.

While we are aiming for the stars, we also need to look around us and see where we are successful every day.

To find your own success definitions, ask yourself the following: What is important to you? Write a list of your important values such as integrity, humour, family or freedom and make sure your goals fit in with these. When did you last feel happy and proud of yourself? What were you doing, or what had you achieved?

If you want success in life there are many resources, such as life coaching or personal development websites. But first you need to define success on your own terms. Once you have done that, you take action to achieve it, and achieve it daily.


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  1. I’m amazed, I must say. Seldom do I come across a blog that’s both equally educative and amusing, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The issue is something that not enough folks are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy that I came across this in my hunt for something relating to this.

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